For sale

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by Christian Krammer on

Like you may have noticed, there’s hasn’t been much going on here in the last couple of months. Due to some happenings in life (mostly good), I wasn’t able to invest any time into Generally, Sketch played quite a minor role in my life lately. That’s why I decided, with a heavy heart though, that it’s time to move on and sell including all related assets, namely the email list and the Twitter account.

Here are some details about these assets:

  • Currently it has about 1.000 sessions, and 1.200 page views each day (steadily growing). It is listed in the top 10 search results with many related topics to Sketch in Google – search for example for "sketch arrow," "sketch grid" or "sketch symbols." As of now, includes over 100 articles of Sketch goodness, that can help both beginners and advanced users to improve in the design app.
  • Email list: Currently 2.852 subscribers, growing by about five subscribers each day, eagerly awaiting news about Sketch.
  • Twitter account: @SketchTips, with 6.080 followers to date.

Please get in touch via email if you are interested in acquiring these assets, ideally including an idea of the price you are willing to pay.