Now available: The Sketch Handbook

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Everything you ever wanted to know about designing with Sketch.

It’s finally here: ‘The Sketch Handbook’ is available now from Smashing Magazine. Buy now and get 25% off as a special introductory offer. 

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Some sample pages of The Sketch Handbook

About the book

With practical examples, ‘The Sketch Handbook’ will guide you through every aspect of Sketch in 12 jam-packed chapters. Based on the sample project “Visit Austria” – the loveliest places of the Central European country – it will teach you how to design a multi-screen mobile app, a responsive article with different breakpoints, a variety of icons, some fun projects and much, much, more. You will also learn about the most recommended plugins and get many useful tips, tricks and best practices.

Simply put, the book will make you a proficient user of Sketch.

More sample pages of The Sketch Handbook

Who should read this book?

Whether you are a beginner to design or just started to use graphical apps, ‘The Sketch Handbook’ will teach you anything you want to know about Sketch, the best UI design app available. Also, if you have used other apps, like Photoshop or Illustrator, before and want to try out something easier, you should have a look at the book. Even if you are already an intermediate Sketch user, you will find plenty of tips and tricks in this book you didn’t know.

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