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Over half a year ago ‘The Sketch Handbook’ has been released, with over 1.500 copies sold so far. However, in this fast-paced world, it didn't take long until parts of the book became outdated. That's why I worked hard ever since and created the Web Guide of ‘The Sketch Handbook’.

For just $59 you will get a free update whenever Sketch changes or there is another interesting development in the Sketch sphere (introductory offer, ends soon). But not only that: I fully updated and revised all the content from the printed book for the Web Guide and also added many animated images instead of static screenshots. Almost no part has been left untouched.

Try before you buy: Read a few selected chapters for an impression of the value you will get with the ‘Web Guide.’

‘The Sketch Handbook – Web Guide’ gives you these advantages:

  • Regular updates with new content, for example when Sketch changes (currently based on v44).
  • Fully revised and optimized, with new, updated content.
  • New animated images and videos for many of the described steps (instead of static screenshots).
  • Readable on any device: desktop, tablet, mobile.
  • Bonus chapter: “The Basics of Creating a Design System” (coming soon).
  • Cross-links between topics for easier navi­gation and discoverability.
  • 20% discount on a copy of Sketch App.
  • And much more!

‘The Sketch Handbook – Web Guide’ is the most complete resource about Sketch you will find out there. In 13 chapters it will teach you everything you need to know about the design app. If you already bought the printed book you will get 50% off.

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If you’re just interested in the Web Guide without any updates you can get the Basic pack for only $29. On the other end, there's also the Lifelong pack, that includes free updates forever, personal mentoring and the printed book without any additional costs.

What people are saying about ‘The Sketch Handbook’

It (The Sketch Handbook) has been extremely useful and certainly worth the investment. The tools you recommend and the tutorials were simply invaluable. I would say that your book should be a necessity in any current UI design course.
Robert K.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m enjoying your book [...] I’m a designer and developer with decades of experience and I appreciate - require - the level of detail you provide plus your opinion about how best to use the application in practice.
Iain Houston

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